About Us



The Origin
The Kop Coffee Roasters was born in January 2020, one of the most special years in recent decades. Why special? Let's forget about the chaos and controversaries. This was the birth year of The Kop. So, was it special?

Now let's back to business.
The Founder
Mann has over 10 years of tremendous experience in the coffee industry. He started the journey as a green bean hunter, travelling deep into African countries meeting with local farmers and sourcing quality specialty coffee. Eventually, he set up a roastery and chain coffee shops in China. During that time, he was certified as a licensed Q grader. This gave him the tools and techniques for grading green and roasted beans against world class standards. He has since relocated to Canada to start the Kop.
The Know-How
Our knowledge builds up from the ascendants' efforts. For the past 10 years, we kept learning and roasting to bring the best out of each bean. The most valuable asset is not how much money we can make from roasting but how many drums of coffee we have failed to roast. Lesson is painful but worthy. This brings us closer to the best cup.
Chasing for better quality is what a Q grader must do. Cupping is our daily routine. Smell the coffee ground, sipping the cup for defects and tasting for unique flavours. Finally, all these lead to the cup of Joe for you. 
The Attitude - Cheering Up Life
Coffee is more than a daily drink or a lifestyle. The Kop believes coffee is a magical gift, that can boost your run, unlock thoughts and bring people together. Life will be less meaningful without it. We would love to redefine the meaning of coffee with our crafted works.
Folks, life is never easy. Take a break, step back with patience and cheer up!

The Kop Coffee Roasters